The Centre for Proteomic Research (CPR) is housed within a custom-built laboratory located within the Life Sciences Building on the Southampton University Highfield campus. The CPR provides a cross-campus resource providing proteomic expertise and instrumentation for University of Southampton researchers and their external collaborators. The CPR supports a large number of research programmes across a wide-range of areas from biological sciences and medicine to environmental sciences and oceanography. In partnership with the NHS Hospitals Trust, the CPR is also integrated into translational research programmes within the Southampton Centre for Biomolecular Research which includes research centres in respiratory medicine, nutrition and cancer, where the CPR is part of a satellite laboratory dedicated to translational research. The CPR houses a range of instrumentation for sample preparation and fractionation and a range of high-resolution mass spectrometers including three Waters G2-S Synapt HDMS with ESI, MALDI, DESI and Advion biosciences nanomate ionisation sources, a Thermo Orbitrap Fusion, Waters TQ triple quadrupole and a Waters Q-Tof Ultima. All instrumentation are used in combination with 1-D or 2-D nano ultraperformance liquid chromatography systems.